STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review: 09/27/19


Our STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review for this week. Below are the articles we read focused on kids, education, technology, and art. Join our conversation and share your thoughts with us in comments:

KQEd: How To Bring Authenticity To Learning That Happens in School

Whether in drama club or on a baseball team, in after school programs, students are “playing the whole game.” So why can’t school learning be the same? This article, featuring a case study of High Tech High Chula Vista, makes the case for implementing project-based learning in the classroom. 

Harvard Business Review: Are You Developing Skills That Won’t Be Automated

We’re so occupied by the skills that computers and AI will soon automate, but what about those skills that they can’t? This article highlights the soft-skills we should be focused on building that technology will not be able to replace. 

NYTimes: How Do You Rewrite the ABCs?: The Secrets of Songwriting on Sesame Street

Ever struggle with coming up with a new, creative idea? Here’s a sneak peak inside the creative process of the writers and composers on Sesame Street and how they’ve been able to continually reinvent the alphabet song for 50 years.

CNN: Greta Thunberg and 15 other children filed a complaint against five countries over the climate crisis

Following Friday’s Global Climate Strike, Greta Thunberg and 15 other children filed a complaint that five countries have failed to uphold their obligations under the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The complaint was filed after Thunberg’s powerful address at the UN Climate Action Summit. 

Forbes: An AI Education: Overcoming Fear of The Innovation Cycle

We’ve heard it before: AI will soon replace a number of jobs in the workforce. But is that idea overhyped? To minimize the fear and anxiety we are anticipating about the future, this author suggests we educate both in the workplace and in schools about the history of innovation and technological change to demystify emerging technologies and highlight their potential impact. This is especially important given how advances in technology continue to make a significant impact on our society. 

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