Innovation Hub for Children

The GIANT Room is an Innovation Hub for children to discover interests, ideate challenges they care to solve, get messy and bring their ideas into reality. It is an innovation hub because it is all about children creating something new. It is a hub because we believe the process of generating new things is social and is best done with a community. The GIANT room resembles the cool and playful culture of a startup paired with roots in the learning sciences. The goal is for GIANT kids to be ready to face the fast paced ever changing future of work and ultimately create the world they want to live in.


The GIANT Approach has 4 modules: each inspiring a certain action with an outcome

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Blank Canvas

Action:  Imaginative Play

Outcome: Creative Confidence

In Blank Canvas, we invite children to dream something big together and build it out of their imagination. It could be a fantastical city, life underwater, or a giant interactive book. Children have access to arts and crafts, electronic, and modeling materials to build what they dream.

Ups & Rounds Lab

Action: Experiment & Design

Outcome: Problem Solving, Design Thinking, and various skills such as coding, electronics, modeling, and animation based on participating workshops

In Ups & Rounds lab, children take on a challenge of their choice, like building something that keeps the city safe, sustainable, or happy - and go through the whole design cycle to solve it - analyzing the problem, generating ideas, learning new skills like coding, electronics, and modeling, and building prototypes.

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Action: Give & Take Feedback

Outcome: Collaboration Skills

In the Campfire, children learn how to give and receive feedback without feeling defensive. Here, they have access to a big collection of toys and gadgets to play with, get design inspirations from, and critic based on their play experience. Children can also take their own prototypes to the Campfire to get feedback from the community and improve their inventions.


Action: Share & Tell Stories

Outcome: Communication skills

Spotlight gives children a stage to share their stories and persuade others to follow their leads. We work with each child to find the best stage to share their work with the world, whether it’s by giving a talk, publishing a book, recording podcasts, patenting their design, or participating in a competition.




Hi! It’s me, Azi. A GIANT dreamer. Founder of The GIANT Room

5 years ago, I got my PhD in Cognitive Science in Education from Columbia University’s Teachers College. I then co-founded Tiggly, an early learning company that pioneered the integration of physical play with digital applications, to provide a rich and interactive learning experience for children. Next, I joined littleBits as their head of education strategy. Millions of children got to love learning math and writing their first words with Tiggly. Millions more are inventing the world they want to live in with littleBits.

I’m a TED speaker, former TED resident, have published journal articles and book chapters on a broad range of topics such as designing learning platforms for children, emerging educational tech, game design, mathematical education, and cognition. I’m honored to have received numerous awards including “IES Prize for Excellence in Research on Cognition and Student Learning” and “The Cooney Center’s certificate of innovation in Children’s Learning”.

Today, I’m the CEO at The GIANT Room, giving every child the opportunity and community support they need to act on their most ambitious dreams.

Hi! I’m Jess. A GIANT curiosity catalyst.

I completed my PhD in Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. A former teacher and informal educator, from camps to classrooms, I bring curiosity and care to set the stage for learning. I have a passion for play and believe that creativity takes courage and mistakes are portals to discovery!

I am joining The GIANT Room to celebrate the dreamers and help children’s imagination flourish. GIANTs are within us all.