STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review: 09/20/19

Our STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review for this week. Below are the articles we read focused on kids, education, technology, and art. Join our conversation and share your thoughts with us in comments:

NY Metro Parents: The NYC DOE Will Allow Students to Walk Out for Climate Strike on September 20

Today is the Global Climate Strike, a march ahead of the UN Climate Summit in NYC to demand transformative action be taken to address the climate crisis. The NYC Department Of Education is excusing student absences today should they leave class to participate in the march. You can also check out our STEAM activities focused on building with solar panels and lighting up LED’s with potatoes to start a discussion with your kids about sustainable energy.

UNICEF: An Open Letter To The World’s Children

Between climate change, a growing inequality gap, and the rapid advancement of technology, today’s children are growing up in a world with an unpredictable future. Henrietta H Fore, Executive Director of UNICEF, pens an open letter to the world’s children acknowledging both her fears and hopes for our future generation.

Forbes: The Way We Teach Kids Code May Be Wrong

Many children still learn best by “doing” in real time with real objects they can touch and see. When we treat coding as a digital-only experience, are we losing certain children and are they missing out on opportunities?

Ask NYT Parenting: I Use My Phone For Everything. Is That Harming My Kid?

We live in a world where everyone is constantly looking at their phones, but how is this affecting kids? This article provides tips and ideas for how to create and model a healthy relationship with technology around kids.

Scientific American: Kids Are Not Hurt by Screen Time

A recent study at UC Irvine looked at the screen-related behavior of 400 public-school students in North Carolina ages 10 to 14 in relation to mental health. The results aren’t what you might think…

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