STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review: 09/13/19


Our STEAM (STEM + Arts) News in Review for this week. Below are the articles we read focused on kids, education, technology, and art. Join our conversation and share your thoughts with us in comments:

CNBC: Stanford psychology expert: This is the No. 1 skill parents need to teach their kids—but most don’t

In this day and age, it’s so easy for us as adults to become distracted by our devices, but what does it mean for our children? This Stanford Psychologist suggests we should be teaching our children one crucial skill; to be “indistractable”. 

MIT Technology Review: Kids are surrounded by AI. They should know how it works.

It’s crucial that we educate our children about the technology around them so they can be more critical consumers in the digital age. This article features a new curriculum from MIT’s Media Lab designed to help middle school children understand how algorithms are designed in order to keep them safe and motivate them to help shape the technology’s future.

CNBC: Millionaire in training: how to teach your kid to think like an entrepreneur 

It’s no secret that we at the GIANT Room are huge believers that kids have the ideas and ability to design our collective futures. This article includes tips to encourage your child to become a self-starter, and start thinking like an entrepreneur.

NYTimes: Should A Single Test Decide a 4 Year Old’s Educational Future?

There’s a huge debate about the equity and fairness of the admissions of New York City gifted and talented programs, currently leading to segregation in our local schools. Is it fair to determine a child’s potential academic ability at 4 years old? 

This Designer Creates Inventions Nobody Asked For To Solve Problems That Don’t Exist

Designers try so hard to come up with a good idea that solves a universal problem, but this guy has seemed to do the opposite. Matt Benedetto’s instagram @unnecessaryinventions features his inventions that nobody asked for. A baguette backpack, Tear-Rings, a taco feeder, these wacky inventions are guaranteed to put a smile on your face and inspire you to start thinking (waaaay) outside the box.

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