Workshop: Curious Waves with Unexpected Objects

Workshop: Curious Waves with Unexpected Objects

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For curious kids who want to make waves through unexpected objects! Join this workshop if you want to learn how electric current flows and experiment to find out what surprising materials can sustain electricity. They will be invited to become circuit designers and scientists that will experiment on fruits, vegetables and more to see what kind of waves they can make! Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads, surprising sounds, or perhaps magical lights! Come and experiment with us.

  • Led by GIANT founders, Dr. Azi Jamalian, and Dr. Jessica Mezei

  • Learn about electricity and conductivity, basic circuit design, building sensors, design musical water and more

  • Date: June 17th and June 25th. You may sign up for either of the two or both workshops. Choose from the drop down menu below

  • Time: 3:30 to 5pm. Complimentary access to Open Studio after the workshop, 5 to 6pm

  • Recommended for ages 5 to 12

  • Unlimited access to all materials you need for designing and building your light installation, musical instrument, and interactive art pieces

  • Free for adults who join the workshop with their kids

  • Children need to be accompanied with their caregiver if they wish to stay longer than 2 hours

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